NEW ! Vine To Bottle - 2020 Organic Rosé from South of France

The trend and envy of American consumers tend more and more towards organic and authentic products and foods.

Consumers are more and more looking for consumable products whose composition can be known and transparent.

Avenue Terroir team is well aware of this trend, since it has been a trend in France for several years now, and it has become almost indispensable for the food and beverage sector in the country to become more transparent with consumers.

Vine To Bottle design is the result of a beautiful collaboration between Avenue Terroir and New York designer Katie Wylie.

Vine to Bottle is a wine made from organic grapes. The blend is composed of 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah.

The juice is refreshing, with hints of red fruits, very easy to drink. The Grapes used come from the South of France.

We also wanted to offer a quality wine that is accessible to the consumer.

In summary, Vine to Bottle is VINE, sun, grapes, winemaking TO BOTTLE.

Nothing Else. Associated with an Exclusive Packaging!