90 Points Wine Enthusiast & Editor's Choice - Louis Vallon Cremant de Bordeaux rose

Louis Vallon Cremant de Bordeaux rose will be in Wine Enthusiast's 2021 November Issue ! The wine recently got 90 points from the Magasine !

Louis Vallon Cremant rose is made following the Champagne method .

The first step is the press; soft and pneumatic presses are used.

The juice from the press, 100 liters for 150 kg maximum, are separated into Goutte and Rebêche wines. Only Goutte wine is concerned for Crémant.

The second step is settling, vatting refrigerated for decanting for 48 hours minimum. The clear juice is kept for Crémant.

The third step: the clear juice is fermented in regulated stainless steel vats. Fermentation takes place for good aroma retention around 16 °C/60°F.

As soon as the fermentation is completed, the wines are racked and filtered. At this stage, it is wine, called Vin de Base.

This sparkling rose is literally the taste of Champagne at an everyday price. The fine bubbly makes it easy to drink, and pleasant.